Parallel Life

Social Media speech bubble on white background.

For many teenagers and young adults, life in online social media is more important than real life. They only communicate this way and whatever happens to them, they rush to post it and wait anxiously for likes.

Other age groups use social media, too. Some networks have even become more popular for business than for fun and in some places, it seems unthinkable not to establish profiles in most popular social media for every enterprise. Owners are advised to give their followers special privileges like informing them about temporary discounts before publishing the news elsewhere or sharing promo codes there. They do not only post things directly connected to their business but also entertaining content. Sharing stories from your life, for example, where you traveled to, also builds a sense of friendship which motivates customers to buy from you. Those profiles are usually not the main advertising channel but rather an »arm« that reaches out to public and redirects them to the main website.

Another way to earn using social media is to post advertisements on places dedicated to them. You have to pay for this (the price depends on how much clicks you want to have) in most cases but it usually pays off. Even during financial crisis, earning from this kind of marketing have not decreased as much as others. In Internet marketing Singapore, results are not as big since not so many people use social media but are still measurable.

Sometimes it is not clear whether a post is an advertisement and should therefore be paid for or is maybe even not allowed according to the site's policy. Posting commercials on other users' feeds is an instance of unethical practice that can happen in social networks.

Some people specialize in making, posting and following advertisement for social media. Business people can hire them to get most of the campaign.