Vacation accrual is an interesting topic that should be explored when you’re working an hourly job. While some companies will give you vacation time right from the start, others may not give you vacation time until you have earned it. Another option is that you have to work there for a certain amount of time before you get your full vacation benefits. Either way, it’s vital that you get the idea when it comes to vacation accrual and how it works.

If you have a job that accrues vacation, then you need to understand how it works.

  • You likely don’t start getting vacation time until you have been working at the company for at least a month. This is usually when most benefits kick in, so it’s not odd. Your business place may differ, you just have to ask.
  • If you are getting hours for hours, then you will have to see how many hours of work equal an hour of time. Some places will even be so picky as to make it go down to minutes. As we started, everything is a little bit different there.
  • Other places of work will make it so that you have to work a certain number of days before you can accrue 8 hour days to take off. These are usually done in more traditional workplaces where you have a set number of hours that you’re working every single week.

Have questions about how your vacation goes up? A lot of people do, and you can work on how it will go with your employer. It shouldn’t be a difficult process to understand and you will want to make sure that you’ve got it straight before you go ahead and try to take a vacation.