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  • Completion of On-Line Surveys. On-line surveys are carried out as a marketing activity by some companies to facilitate improvements in products and services offered. Users who take the time to complete these receive various free vouchers, products and even free PlayStation Network Codes.
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  • Shopping at Certain Outlets. Shopping on-line and in-store will also facilitate the receiving of free PlayStation Network Code vouchers. These are given out by certain game stores, but however are restricted by certain terms and conditions.
  • Just Free Giveaways. Of course, the best free giveaway is receiving a gift at no cost and without having to complete any other affiliated action. The free PlayStation Network Codes issued in this manner functions exactly as the PlayStation Network Codes which are paid for, except for the stated expiration period and the possibility of exchanging the code. These can be obtained legally from PlayStation stores.

Along with your free code, all that you need to view, listen, play and enjoy free access to movies, TV shows, music and games are: computer hardware, console, internet access, other peripheral equipment and the time to download the free code. Free codes can also be obtained in certain stores and are therefore not just on-line giveaways.