Business compulsions have forced the traditional locksmiths to branch out into a different field altogether. Nowadays homes as well as commercial establishments are fitted with electronic and automotive locks. Still these locks have to be installed and serviced regularly. The traditional locksmiths have used their expertise in their field to good use. They have now mastered this art of electronic surveillance and have moved on in life. At the same the locksmiths perth have not forgotten their roots as there are people who are adept in both these fields. Keys are after all objects which can get stolen or lost. Whatever be the locking system in your house, a locked house is a locked house. It has to be opened either by being broken into or by using methods to open the lock with an alternate key. This is where the expertise and experience of the locksmiths come to the fore.

These traditional locksmiths have now expanded their services to cater to such high end requests too. This requires in depth knowledge of security systems and such training are now imparted in engineering colleges with special courses being conducted for the locksmiths. This specialised activity is in great demand nowadays due to the need for being one step ahead of the proverbial thief. Big safes have complex locking combinations and designing such locks also forms part of the curriculum of the above courses. Here the students are taught the mechanism of such huge combination locks and training is also imparted on how to manufacture as well as repair them. The mechanisms of the transponder as well as electronic keys are also explained to them in detail. Thus a student graduating out of this course becomes a fully qualified locksmith adept at installing the latest security systems as well as maintaining and repairing them if needed.