Daughters grow up really fast. Parents do understand that as much people say it, people really mean it. Girls tend to grow up faster than boys. They tend to learn things faster than boys. Potty training girls is way easier than potty training boys. Girls take a lesser time to get potty trained than boys. You can call it simple science that girls tend to be very smart and fast from a young age. They grasp everything fast and this is why they tend to learn a lot of things faster than boys including potty training. You must have also noticed that girls start speaking mostly by the age of 1 and sometimes even before that. But with boys they start speaking after they turn 1. There are a lot of differences in little everyday habits of boys and girls and they can be seen at an early age.


Girls tend to be responsive and very vocal. When it comes to potty training, they themselves give out clues and signals saying that they want to go to pee or poop. Girls get ready for potty training and it is sometimes very evident that they are ready to go. For girls they get ready early and learn it fast. Although you still have to patient with them. Sometimes it is difficult to decide in case of girls also that they are ready for potty training or not. Even though girls are smart and fast but you do not have to rush potty training with them. You need to take it easy and go slow. You must take one step at a time and not rush into it. You should motivate and help your girl to complete her potty training. You must be equally patient with girls also as compared to boys.