If you’ve just opened a new Instagram account for your small, medium, or large business it can take a while to start building up the amount of followers you have. Obviously you need to depend on word of mouth and hope that your photos speak for themselves and spark interest. The problem is that if your account for marketing and advertising purposes, it’s all the more important to get noticed quickly.

There is a new trend that businesses are using to jumpstart the amount of followers they have, or even breathe life into an existing account that seems to have grown stagnant. Now you can pay for a service to find the followers for you in a relatively short period of time. Without any work on your part you can suddenly increase your followers by some pretty large numbers, which will then have your account trending and looking relative.

The trick with this is that you don’t want to just hire the first company you come across, you want to make sure that the company goes about things in a legitimate way with actual real followers so you don’t end up getting your account suspended. Some companies even offer packages specifically geared for businesses, as they understand that the needs of a business will be different than what is needed for personal accounts.

The company fast followerz is a great example of a company that offers this kind of service and has business packages that put the focus on quality rather than quantity. They understand that you’ve worked hard to build your brand and want to help you maintain that status that you’ve acquired through social media. The more specific you can be with your needs and wants, the more likely you are to find a service and package that fits those needs.