Electricity bill payment is quite easy as compared to getting your home equipped with electricity supply. The state EDF authority carries out the reading of the bill in every 6 months of the years and issues the bill to its customers in every 2 months, so maybe the bill you are paying will be read out on a later stage by the officials.

For the payment you can easily pay your bill by the debit card or a cheque. If you are well versed with French language, then you can pay your bill very easily through  internet by signing up into internet account which is also known as espace services account. If the authorities tried to reach you, but were unsuccessful, then they will leave a message for you known as Coupon Auto Relevé according to the guidelines you need to reply them within nine working days with the reading you have. Between the time if you have not received the bill and you want to pay, then it can be proceed through internet banking and can be confirmed with the authorities by, call or mail and details can be found on the previous bills they have issued to you. As the bill is generated every second month and you are looking forward to pay the same every month, then you can make an approximate figure of your bill and pay them regularly. The balance of which can be regularized at the end of the year. The authorities in France are very effective in processing the bills and your grievances if any will be addressed by the authorities in no time. So pay your bill on time and enjoy the services of the authorities and contact electricien bagneux city if you face any problem in mounting of electronic devices.