We are all familiar that every product has a set of black and while lines printed on it. This is done for identification purpose. These black and white lines are called a barcode. A barcode is put on products and goods so that they can be uniquely identified. This bar code can be identified by reader machines. You have often seen these machines in the super markets. Each and every product has a bar code symbol on it. And the worker on the billing counter scans this code with a little machine and the product is identifies on the computer. Then the final list of items that you have purchased is shown and a bill is made. This is the only unique way to identify each and every product in a very big supermarket. This technology was basically invented to provide unique identification to products which are a part of very large group of goods and products.

These bar codes are used to identify almost everything everywhere. You must have noticed that whenever you buy an electrical appliance bar code is present both on the device packing and the invoice of the product. There are many kinds of bar code technologies today. Today scanners have made the job easy. Part from the bar code reading machines, scanners and new software can also read the bar code and help in identifying different goods and products. Different types of bar codes are linear bar codes and 2D bar codes. Both have different functions and utilities. The kinds of bar codes that are used abundantly worldwide are the linear bar codes. The black and white lines are linear bar codes. They are very easy to scan. The scanning just has to sweep over the code and then the unique number is identified.