Little girls have a lot of favorite animated characters. Most of these characters come from the Disney franchise. That is one reason to play a special Minnie Mouse 1st Disney Birthday Party. Even though your child is young, it's never too early to celebrate. These are some of the most exciting parties to plan because they commemorate a milestone.

Inviting friends and family to join in the celebration makes it special, as well. There are many great party ideas to use with this theme. Fortunately for parents, they can find a lot of theme decorations to enhance the event. Once you select the perfect venue, you can start making your shopping list. Internet party suppliers allow you to get what you need without even getting into the car.

Serve Menus in a Fun Way

You may have a great menu planned for this first birthday party. It is important to remember to have food items for children and adults. Theme plates and bowls are great additions for these events. You can serve finger foods and birthday cake in your Disney serving items. You must also include serving and eating utensils to your list.

Minnie Mouse 1st Disney Birthday Party

Plan Age-Appropriate Games

Games can be used to continue the Disney theme. Younger children can play chase games or running from bubbles. Balloons and blow-ups are terrific fun and offer age-appropriate games. It is possible to find character stickers and attachments for these activities. There are fun take home bags available for children. These help them to remember their special day.

When you're planning a birthday party for a young child, taking pictures is important. Attendees will remember more about the special day that the guest of honor. Photos of themed balloon, streamers and banners will showcase these moments.