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If you have ever owned a sleeper sofa, you know how hard it can be to move it- especially if you must travel down a flight of stairs. However, it really doesn’t have to be if you follow these simple steps.

  • Make sure the path is clear: take the time to travel the path you plan to use to move the sofa and clear away any and all obstructions. Also, make sure to consider any low ceilings or narrow passageways.
  • Create a plan: be sure that you and whoever is helping you are clear about what will be done so that you will be able to work together to make things easier.
  • Take off all the cushions and remove the mattress: this will help to lighten the load a bit. To remove the mattress, you will fold it out and then untie each of the mattress ties and remove it. Then, fold it back into place, but do not replace pillows and/or cushions.
  • Secure the frame: in order to keep it from unfolding on you, you will want to tie off the frame. You will need a four foot rope to do this. If possible, tie the front of the bed to the front of the couch frame. If not available, you can tie it to the back or arms of the sofa.
  • Lay sofa down: place a piece of cardboard on the ground and lie the sofa bed on it. If you have more rope, you can tie the sofa to the cardboard to keep it from sliding off.
  • Remove the feet: this will make it easier to get through doorways- but if this is not possible, you can skip this step.
  • Move the sofa: start sliding the sofa (still on the cardboard) through the doorway. If the feet have been taken off, it should go right through. If you were not able to remove the feet, you may have to slide out at an angle.
  • Slide down the stairs: carefully slide the sofa (again, still on the cardboard) down the stairs and through your front door.

While these tips focus more on moving a sleeper down a flight of stairs, you can also use these to slide up the stairs too.